Answer the following COMPLETELY and with detail...
1)  What was my big misunderstanding that kept me from performing well on my Test?

2)  Explain what you learned from the tutorials about how to overcome your big misunderstanding.  Be detailed.

3)  How do you predict you will do on the reassessment? (70%, 80 %, 90%, etc...)

4)  Do you feel you did all you could have to be prepared for the initial test?  If not what will you do in the future to be better prepared?  Be detailed.
Write your answers on a WORD document to spell and grammar check, then when finished...highlight copy and paste here to represent your best work.  

This will also avoid you timing out and losing your reflection.

Chavez Hines
11/09/2012 11:59am

1.Truly, I think my big misunderstanding was my fatigue. I think this because I know the law of sine.

2. I've learned that I need to douple check over my work before I turn it in because not checking could hurt my grade.

3. On the reassessment, I think I will get a 80% or above because i understand most of the material that the test is over.

4.No, I think i should've gotten more sleep from the night before. To prevent this from happening again, I will make sure i get more sleep.

Montellia Gnat
11/14/2012 2:21pm

1. I think my problem was that I was using the law of sines incorrectly because I misunderstood the directions given on how to use them.

2.What I learned to overcome my misunderstanding was how to correctly use the law of sines.

3. I think I will get a 90% or better because now I understand how to use the law of sine.

4. Yes, because I didn't know I was using the law of sines incorrectly, eitherwise I would have asked for clarification.


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